Thursday, March 31, 2011

our new family member...

This little guy is Fox! a.k.a. Fox Mulder a.k.a. Spooky a.k.a. Our Little Grey. He's our newly adopted little guy. His name carries so many X-Files references, but they all fit him so well (and it just so happens that I'm the biggest X-Files fan this side of our universe). He is the cuddliest little man, it's the best (okay, it's not the best when you're trying to hand sew and you need to concentrate but he's getting all up in your business). He was very, very shy and afraid of Terry and I at first but he warmed up to us so quickly that I can't picture him not being our cat. I'm so happy we decided to add him to our family, he's got a lot of love coming his way.

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