Monday, May 9, 2011

happy birthday to my bestfriend!

My other half celebrated a birthday this past weekend. After working 12 days in a row [hence my lack of blogging..le sigh :( ] I was so relieved to have a couple days off to relax and celebrate Terry's birthday. I made a vegan lasagna and baked an over-the-top-delicious red velvet cake with bright yellow vanilla icing! mmmmm, it was wonderful if I do say so myself.
Also going on this weekend was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! Partly excited for the free comics, mostly excited about how many people show up to the local comic shop to take part in the events. This year a stormtrooper was taking photos with fans, some local artists were sketching pictures for kids, and everything was 50% off! I picked up two Wonder Woman back issues to start getting into that series, and I got some free Simpsons comics. Then we headed over to Mark's Downtown Diner and had some veggie dogs.
It's weekends like this that keep me sane. The love of my amazing boyfriend, sinking into the couch, putting my feet up, and letting the world melt away with a big cup of tea in my hand is my idea of the perfect way to unwind. Not to mention all of the family cuddles that went down this weekend with our little fox cat. I don't know where I would be without all of the love I come home to everyday. I am so fortunate, it's almost unbelievable.

So a big happy birthday to the love of my life, I hope I made your day as awesome as you make all of mine.
Oh, and here is a cute picture of my feet!

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