Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This past weekend my most favorite person in the whole world came to visit me....MY MOM! I love seeing my mom, especially since moving an hour away from her. I feel like we never ever see each other because I'm so used to being atatched to her hip like I was as a kid. It's always amazing to see her, she always carried a lot of light and a lot of happiness around her that you can't help but pick up on..and she's also the sassiest little lady in the whole world, I love it!
What a beauty. I made her a pink flower coin purse, I wanted to buy her flowers but I totally spaced out while I was at the market on Saturday and forgot to buy any :(
My mom raised me as a single momma, all by herself, she deserves the whole world. She's the strongest lady in the world, I owe any kind of personal strength (and sassy talk) to her. I can't even explain how fortunate I am to have her.
I think mommas all over the world should be celebrated everyday, and I try to let mine know how awesome she is and how much I love her everyday, because she deserves it, and because it's so true :)


  1. Tearing up here...that has got to be the biggest compliment the best daughter to have graced this earth could ever have given! Love you <3

  2. haha oh momma, i love that you made an account just to post. You're the best!


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