Monday, May 16, 2011

thinking of a hair change

Because I'm a terribly indecisive little lady, I tend to change my mind about things once every two minutes - my hair is no exception. When I was in highschool my hair changed more than my clothes did and I always did it myself, which caused some crazy situations. But believe it or not I've kept the same hair colour for almost a year and a half! go me!
But if I were to tell you The Little Mermaid's Ariel (my most favorite disney princessss ahhhhh!omgloveher!) wasn't the source of my hair inspiration, I'd be be a dirty rotten liar. But hey, whatever keeps me from dying my hair thirty differant colours in one week, thus turning myself into a human mood ring and frying my hair so bad I'm bald by 25. Even though I'm sticking to my guns on this one, a girl can still dream! If I were to ever change my hair, I think I'd dye it teal, or light purple and light blue. I've heard getting your hair light enough is quite a task, but I bet it's worth it.
So pretty! All of these photos were taken from Candy Coloured Hair

Also, check out this article about Stephen Hawking. I really really really want his book "A Brief History of Time". I also really want Handmade Weddings. Because..someday I may get...married? Actually because I love weddings and I'm a big loser who will probably just dream about getting married while dressing her cats up like a bride and groom and planning big fake awesome cat weddings on the weekends.
see? it happens! (found here)

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