Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vegan news flash:

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported that downing those gross little yellow pills that make your breath smell like the Asian Grocery around the corner from my house may not actually help us ladies ward off the blues, while vegans around the globe have just reported that they probably kill fish....ha?
You can read the whole story here if someone in your life is taking these pills and you need proof that you're not just trying to save Nemo like that time you told your loved ones ground beef was turning everyone into zombies because you didn't want to have hamburger helper for dinner (story of my liiiiiife)

On a not so related note, here is a photo of my kitchen! Where I cook delicious vegan meals for my family when I'm not cooking delicious vegan meals for the rest of the damn world at the Cafe!

I call this "Grandma Chic" It's very hot right now.

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