Thursday, June 9, 2011

blog talk...

Being new to this crazy wonderful world of blogging, I've recently been watching some videos made by other bloggers about starting out and it's been so much help. First of all I need to express how wonderful I think it is that so many lovely people make successful blogs and then turn around and go out of their way to help other do the same.I think what attracted me to blogging the most is the sense of community. You can really tell that when it comes to internet connections, we keep each other afloat. Something as simple as hosting a guest blogger or a give away is really just a way to help another person's blog or online shop grow a little bigger and get a little stronger. Simply put: You cannot get support without giving it. That's something to remind yourself of in all forms of life.
Here is an awesome video by Thursday of MyGirlThursday filled with tips on how to connect with other bloggers when first starting your blog. She has a tonne of great advice on her blog right now about being a beginner blogger, enjoy and happy blogging!

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