Monday, June 20, 2011

happy father's day, mom

    It never really hits me that father's day is such a big deal until I hit the internet. The reason I don't celebrate it isn't for any angry or bitter reason, it's simply because I just don't have a father to celebrate it with. There is no bad blood, anger, or pain, my mother simply decided to raise me alone.
    First off, "alone" is a bit of a reach, my mother was helped by many women in her life to raise me, mainly my Aunt Nancy and my wonderful grandmother. I can still remember weekends being my favorite part of every week because I spent every single weekend at my Aunt Nancy's. She would buy pizza and rent movies or we would roller blade to dairy queen and get some sort of ridiculously bad for you ice cream treat. But it equaled out because we roller bladed there, right? We would stay up late watching movies and eating popcorn, only to wake up with an amazing Sunday morning breakfast.
My Aunt Nancy, a woman I owe a lot of my great childhood to.
    Those were my favorite days, her house was always filled with so much love, so many children and family members that I couldn't help but want to be there as much as I could.
    Unfortunately, my grandmother died when I was six years old, so I don't have too many memories of her. I do remember she always bought me Tahiti Treat soda, she had like 20 pomeranians (yeah, that many), she was always crocheting, and she always had barbies for me to play with. I wish I could still remember everything, it doesn't feel like this past December marked 15 years she's been gone.
    There is one thing you need to know about this story: I was raised believing that nobody actually needed a father, but you chose to have one, just like parents choose to have children. My grandmother and my great grandmother were both single mothers (talk about being a family of strong female figures, I'm pretty sure it's in our blood or something) so it didn't seam odd at all. It came as quite a surprise to me to find out that other people felt that my upbringing was weird or different, because my mother taught me that I was just as normal as any other kid. A friend of mine once told me that her overbearing, judgmental father told her that she shouldn't be hanging around with me because I was raised by a single parent and that meant I wasn't normal and thus, a bad influence.
    Yes, I grew up a bit different. Yes, I ended up a bit different. But if we were all normal we would all look the same and act that same and what fun is that?
    Now, I know I go on about this often and I'm never going to mother is the best lady in the whole world. I don't think I could have ended up with a better upbringing. I wouldn't be the person I am today without seeing what it means to be a strong, independent woman. I really don't think you can hold life together like she did without being an amazing lady.
    So happy Father's Day to the lady who played both rolls and deserves to have two specials days instead of just one. And happy Father's day to all the single mommas out there, you're a tough breed.
    I love you forever, Momma.

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  1. that's exactly how i am with my mama! yay for supportive and loving moms!!!


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