Monday, June 13, 2011

i got the blues, the blues got me

I'm not exactly sure which comes first: the poor attitude or the not so great day, but either way they both happen. I'm sitting in my little apartment filled with things I love and a million reasons to happy but it gets me: the terrible mood. Maybe it was the dull grey day, or maybe it was the fact that my hair just isn't working today, or that I have to go into a job that hasn't been so awesome lately. Either way I'm sitting here wishing I could just curl up into bed and sleep the day away.

awww! le petite bebe! <3

Hmmph, today just isn't my day. Luckily over time I've developed a little system for days like this. I just need to remember:
  • to take happiness where I can find it, even in the little things; happiness won't find you, you need to seek it out
  • that I'm loved, very loved!
  • to talk to someone about it; letting go of a bad mood is as easy as getting out of your own head and realizing that even though the weather is terrible or your hair isn't working, life could always be worse, and there's nothing like the words from a good friend to make you feel a little better
  • PMA! a positive mental attitude will get you much further in life than you think, so get get get that PMA!
Just writing that list made me a lot happier, it's funny how that works.

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