Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spotlight: Knof's K-9 Designs!

    I'm super happy to not only be able to spotlight an Etsy shop created by a fantastic lady who knows her product, is an amazing artist, and produces something of great quality, but I'm also able to spotlight a close personal friend of mine who has started an adventure down the road of entrepreneurship.
Meet Alysha and her furry family...
I'm pretty sure that's the happiest cat I've ever met!
    Throughout high school I can remember Alysha being the biggest animal lover. She always knew exactly how to take care of every animal she had, during sleepovers we would have to strap on our boots and our jackets to feed her horses before bed (when you live in Canada, leaving a toasty warm house to feed an animal is commitment!), this girl is an animal lover to say the least.
    When she moved out on her own to go to hair school, Alysha didn't hesitate to start up her own little animal village, going to her house for monthly trims always meant being greeted by one or two well cared for little animals.When she adopted her first greyhound, Tootie, she started sewing collars for her and she acquired quite a knack for it! Tootie has since gained a large wardrobe of beautiful collars made by Alysha, so she's sharing them with the world at Knof's K-9 Designs
Anchors Aweigh Martingale Dog Collar
    Most of the collars range from $15 - $23, each of them are hand sewn and their accents vary from metal to plastic, depending on various uses.

    The best part about Alysha's collars aren't how adorable they are, but the fact that for every collar purchased $1 is donated to animal rescue. How awesome is that?!

Cupcake Dog Collar
    Treat your pup to a little handmade goodness. Custom orders are always available if you find a collar you like that isn't in your little one's size. Visit Knof's K-9 Designs and treat your pup to a little cuteness of it's own.

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  1. oh my gosh, i need one of those for Marty right now!!!!!!!


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