Sunday, July 24, 2011

blogging for me! *my personal style

    I've decided to start a little feature on my blog, called "blogging for me!". Recently I've been going through some big changes in my life, mostly concerning my confidence and trying to place a positive self image on myself, and never forgetting to be myself, no matter what. In "blogging for me!" I'll be exploring some things about myself that I'm seeing positive change in, and some things in life I'm hoping to keep making positive.

     I have never been a very fashion-y lady. Growing up I was convinced that dressing up immediately meant you were a floozy and no one would ever take you seriously. I was very convinced that I wasn't feminine, instead I thought I always looked like a little girl because I was always smaller and more flat chested than all of the other girls growing up. I didn't know there was a difference between being feminine while owning your sexuality and just plain being a slut. To me, these lines were blurred, so I always opted to cover myself up.
my most boyish days
    Being an introvert never helped, I wasn't a girl who talked loud or made everything about her. I love being an introvert, but growing up I didn't have any positive introverted role models, so I just thought I was broken. Isn't that a hilarious concept? Thinking that you're weird just because you aren't loud and obnoxious? Bull-whoopee! Being a quiet, courteous person is far from a bad thing.
    When I met Terry I would always joke about dressing like a boy. "I'm not a girl, I'm a little boy" or "I dress like a lesbian" would always come out of me when I was feeling my least confidant. One day I made a comment and he got upset. He told me that just because I don't like to dress like a floozy it doesn't make me a little boy. He told me I'm the most feminine girl he's ever met, but in a different way, in a more ladylike way. That blew my mind! I started opening up to the idea of letting my personal style flourish, but on my own terms. It's been a little adventure to finding myself ever since.

    If I had to describe my personal style I have no idea what I would say. I love fitted clothing that accents my body, I love wearing little dresses, I love trends from the 1950s, I love denim jackets, I love leaving the house and realizing I look like an old Russian lady, I love bold patterns, I love salt and pepper grey, I love my bright red vans, I love wearing my hair in a bandanna, I love short shorts, I love my dr. martens paired with a big pair of wool socks, I love plaid, I love denim vests, I love my jeans so skinny they hug my ankles.

via color collective

    I hate wearing clothes that feel like they're going to fall off, I hate feeling like I'm trying too hard to look a certain way, I hate "loud" clothing, I hate showing my belly! (even though it's a really nice belly:) I hate itchy clothes, I hate animal print, I hate wearing visible brand names, I would never wear jogging pants, I don't even jog, I hate the phrase "high fashion", I'm not that into lacy clothing unless it's a dressy occasion (even though that's in style now I guess), and I would never ever wear something just because it's trendy!

   That is my personal style. I like it because it's me, and life is too short to be anyone else.


  1. thank you so much for being part of my giveaway! i love your blog!!! XO i am adding you now!

  2. I am starting to think that we are the same person, and I just found your blog. :]


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