Friday, July 22, 2011

listen, if we're going to be friends you need to know something about me...

I am a huge fan of The X-Files!

About two years ago Terry and I were living with a boy named Derek who lent us every season of The X-Files on DVD. We watched them for a good five months straight, one or two episodes a night.
Ohhhhh man, that intro makes me so happy.
 I immediately fell in love with the show, the characters and their quirks. Like how Mulder is always eating sunflower seeds and flirting with Skully, and how Skully knows everything about everything.
The X-Files basement
The Lone Gunman
My favorite episodes are the ones with The Lone Gunman, and the episodes written by David Duchovny.
Walter Skinner A.K.A. The best dude ever. I do a pretty good Skinner impression.
After watching The X-Files everyday for almost half of a year, when the episodes were over I was so sad! I have both of the movies and I watch them when I'm really missing the show. There just isn't anything like a good X-File. I am on the hunt for every episode but they're not easy to track down, I'm also on the look for a "I Want To Believe" poster, like the one that hangs in Mulder's office. Once I find all of the episodes I'm going to re-watch the whole series, because they're just that awesome.

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