Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I need to have my baby during shark week. That's final." - Amy Joy Harrison

    It's Shark Week! Due to my love for Shark Week, but my lack of cable, I will be watching Shark Week online this year. I'm not sure what about Shark Week that really does it for me. When I was younger my only fear was of sharks, I remember refusing to go into any body of water that wasn't man made because I was convinced there were sharks. I remember being convinced that sharks lived under my bathtub and that they were going to use their sharp skin to rip through my tub and get me.
I had a bit of a problem.
    Now I'm fascinated by them, they scare me still and I still hesitate when jumping into anything more than a swimming pool, but I can watch Shark Week without peeing my pants now, which is an improvement! I also love learning about them, I really love seeing them fly out of the water.
    I am on my way to collecting all of the seasons on DVD, and I even have a Shark Week side piece!

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