Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Mom, the Style Icon

I've recently come across an awesome blog called My Mom, the Style Icon

My mother has always said I should have been born in a different era and as I get older this is getting more and more apparent. I have no use for malls, mostly because I love thrifting and buying local, but also because I am not a fan of today's fashion trends. I really dislike the phrase "high fashion", unless something is practical and comfortable I have no reason to wear it. People who roam the streets dressed in loud clothing that cost too much just end up looking like they are trying too hard, mostly because they are. 
I love trends that have stood the test of time, and I love outfits that make you feel and look like a lady. In the past, clothing was made to fit you in all of the right places, it accentuation your curves and made you look sexy without showing anything off. There is something to be said about a woman who leaves it to the imagination.

Mostly I miss the fact that women weren't held to such an insane amount of perfection. Their teeth weren't expected to be pearly white, they had curves, they wore stockings, they didn't need to be stick thin, their hair didn't need to be died, they didn't need breast implants, a round face was known as a beautiful feature, and the love of a woman was something to hold on to for more than a night. 
So I will keep reliving the past until I find a present that suites me better. Until then, it's high waistlines and enamel jewelry for me, sugar.

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