Friday, August 5, 2011

oh, deer!

If I can't have the ocean, I want a hair spray that will make my hair look like I've been swimming in it all day! Although I've never heard of any ocean that smells like lavender.
Dermstore Online
Jo from A Cup Of Jo recently had a giveaway with Spex Club giving away a free pair of glasses. I had never heard of Spex Club but I'm thinking of ordering a pair. They run you $77 for the glasses with your prescription, which is a pretty sweet deal, not to mention that they have pretty cute styles of glasses that even a picky pam like me would like.
hahaaaaa.....ah. I want dem.

Chase from Oh The Cuteness! posted a tutorial to crochet a giant mushroom! A woman after my own heart.
so. dang. cute.
I would actually consider playing $100 for this dress, and I am a very cheap person. Sigh.
source: Top Shop

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  1. aaah i neeeeeeed that mushroom! so cute! i just don't have the patience for crochet.... grrr...


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