Sunday, August 7, 2011

shark week '11 - a recap!

    I really enjoyed this year's Shark Week. I got to watch some programs online which was a huge treat, and a bunch of Shark Week themed blog posts were put up this week!

Karen from Karen's Kittin' Crap posted a pattern to crochet your own shark! I will be trying out this pattern because I don't think I can live without it.

Dollar Store Crafts made Shark Shoes. Super inexpensive and hilarious, you could break some hearts in these babies.
Dollar Store Crafts also posted a tutorial to make a Hooded Shark Towel. Am I too old for this? NOPE!

This video is terrifying but fascinating. I don't even know what I would do, probably repel the shark with the smell of urine from peeing my pants.

Etsy also themed a "Handpicked Items" feature for Shark Week. I want so much of this stuff, why am I not a gazillionaire?

In the spirit of Shark Week I got around to getting a great picture of my side piece thanks to my awesome partner, Terry, he's the bee's knees even though he brought half of the beach back with him in his swim trunks yesterday, which I had to sweep up this morning because it was all over the house. Yep, he's still the bee's knees.

Tadaa! Sorry about the side boob!
Happy Shark Week, pals!


  1. oh that is the awesomest tattoo ever hehehe. i love your umbrella tattoo too. i am getting a polka dot umbrella in october!! :D

    ooh, also, have you shown this to kaelah from little chief honeybee? she loves sharks too!!

  2. Awe, thanks! I can't wait to see your umbrella tattoo!
    I should check her out, thanks!

  3. um. i love you. :) just found your blog and am stoked to follow you. <3

  4. I am stoked you're following me! So stoked, I'm following you right back!


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