Friday, August 19, 2011

Some very exciting and very personal news...

    First, I think I need to give a little background into my past to make this news just a little more understandable...
    When I was 15, my mom and her husband decided to get a divorce. To make things easier on me, my mom decided I should live with my aunt Nancy while the whole situation went down. My step-father was and is a very angry man, he would get angry and take it out on everyone around him, whether it was with his fists or his words, and my mom didn't think it would be very good for me to be around. Worried that she would loose everything if she left right away, she stayed with him to try to reach an understanding and leave peacefully.
    Living with my aunt was awesome, but the separation took a bit longer than my mom had expected, and I ended up living without her for two years. One night my step-father got out of hand so my mom packed a few things and headed for my aunt's house where I was staying. Deciding it was too dangerous to stay with him anymore, she moved in with us, leaving a houseful of belongings behind.
    A while later we went back to our house with a moving van and a police officer, ready to pack up our things and be out of that situation forever, but when we unlocked the door and went inside almost everything was gone! Our beds were gone, our clothes were gone, our pictures, our furniture, our everything! My heart dropped, where had it all gone?
    He told our lawyer it was in storage, so we battled it out in court for two years, finally settling: If we pay the past two years worth of storage fees he would give us the key to the storage space. We agreed, so my mother went to the storage facility where it was all being kept and talked to the owner, hoping to find out how much we were looking at paying. The owner of the facility told her that my step father had stopped paying his fees over a year ago and he was forced to throw everything out! The man got so upset that he cried, as did my mom. I've never felt a loss as big as that. No baby pictures of me, no photos of my grandma or grandpa, no keepsakes, it was all gone.

    It's been two years since that happened. This past weekend I was visiting my mom in London. She was looking through a bin of crafts she had saved for a glue gun for me when I heard her scream and start to cry. She ran into the living room and showed me that she had just found a french project I had done in the 9th grade, filled with baby pictures of me!! We sat on the couch and cried as we looked through it.
My first beauty pageant, first prize!
My first christmas with my mom and my gramma. I still sleep with that bear every night, his name is Mr. Bear.
My dog, Neko
Can we talk about how much damn hair I had? Dang.

Swimming lessons!
Obviously, I'm a dress up champion.
    I'm so thankful to have found these photos. We lost a lot of material things, but it's important to remember that just having each other, having our memories, and learning from our past means we haven't lost at all.


  1. What a heart wrenching story. I'm so glad that you found those photos. Memories like that are so important and it's wonderful that you now have something tangible to hold on to!

    ♡ Brooke

  2. Such a sad story Im so happy for you that you found these photos.


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