Wednesday, August 3, 2011


    When your life is as busy as mine is you rarely have time to fit in thrift adventures, don't even get me started on how hard it is when you're pinching pennies. In my home "The Mall" is a nasty phrase barely ever spoken and always hated, so thrift shops are how I get my retail therapy, while still watching my pocket book. Thrifting has left a sour taste in my partner's mouth due to always having to shop at second hand shops as a kid (I can understand how never getting new things can be a huge bummer when you're a little boy) so I am always searching for friends to accompany me to the Goodwill.
   Now, not everyone is suited to be a thrift buddy. One must be patient and ready to spend a few hours digging under the piles of used goods to find the real gems! One must also be ready to give good advice on items, and always be honest when I ask you "Do I really need it?!"
    This past week I was lucky enough to get my thrift on (it was short, but it was sweet!) Here's what I came out with:
(almond)milk and sugar cups
Iron Pot Holder
Adorable heart details.
Another Pyrex dish to add to my collection!
    Like I said, the trip was short. I think I'll take another trip tomorrow, Mamma's feelin' saucy!

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