Monday, October 3, 2011

Hunter Turns 1!

    My nephew Hunter turned 1 this weekend! My sister put together an amazing pirate themed birthday party. Unluckily, not much was vegan, but it was wonderful seeing some family and celebrating the birth of such an awesome little guy.
He loves that lens cap!
Hunter eating his "smash cake." What is a smash cake, you ask? It's a cake for babies to destroy, while we eat a not-so-messy one.
Pirate cake! Arrrrgghhh!
My sister made this "Pin the eye-patch on the pirate" game. So crafty.
Hunter opening up the octopus I crocheted him. Here is a better photo of it:
To end the festivities, one of Hunter's sisters sang him a song she wrote him for his birthday. The song went "Happy birthday, Hunter. I love you, Hunter. Happy birthday" with "birthday" sung "birfday" all cute like.
The cutest part was when I looked at what she was reading, it look like this:
So. Dang. Cute.

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