Monday, October 17, 2011

A Is For Apple Picking

    It's apple season! Fall is such a great season to throw on a pair of mittens and head down to your favorite hobby farm. Fall is by far my favorite season, but this year was a little disappointing. It was too hot to wear a jacket let alone a pair of mittens. I'm used to going home after apple picking and cuddling up to a cup of hot apple cider. I've got to say, I missed the crisp fall air. I'm so glad it's gotten chilly out so I don't miss out on having to speed-carve my pumpkin before my fingers start to freeze, or bundling up and riding my bike through the crunchy leaves.
Leah using her natural talent :)
Did I mention I've decided to own a hobby farm? Yup. I'm gonna be an apple growin', jam cannin', pumpkin patchin', horse ridin' sun of a gun someday. Or just forever in my dreams.
I have no idea what this is, it looked like a silo, but was oldly phallic 

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