Saturday, December 31, 2011

It Was A Green Christmas

But not in the good, eco-friendly way. In the yucky, snowless way.
My family and I had a handmade Christmas this year, meaning we handmade all of our gifts. It was fantastic, but a lot more work than I'm used to putting into Christmas. It was also really nice not having to carry a huge amount of gifts onto the greyhound!

My favorite part of the day? The food!
I ordered a Tofurkey roast completely on the premise that all of the gluten in the roast would make me just as tired as real turkey makes meat eaters. I roasted it with onion soup mix and veggies in the oven for two hours until the skin got crispy and yummy.

Tofurkey with stuffing, roasted carrots, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, turnip, and pickles. So yummy!

I hope you all had a Christmas filled with joy and the people you love most.


  1. We had a green (rainy, dreary & snow-less) Christmas here in Erie, PA too. :( Sniffle. Happy New Year to you!!
    - Mandi @


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