Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tutorial: Cute Price Labels

These cute price labels were my favorite part of my booth this winter season. They were striking, adorable, and did exactly the job I needed them to do. Here is how to make them for your next craft sale.

What you'll need:
-die cut cardboard shapes
-chalkboard paint
-sticky tack

1* Start with a cute set of  cardboard die cut shapes. I got these from a local craft store. 
2*Make sure they are clean and smooth, any grittiness on the shapes will show up when you start to paint which will effect your chalk drawings.

3* Put down some news paper or something that will protect your table. Chalkboard paint is extremely hard to wash off. 
4* Make sure you're painting in a ventilated room, this paint is very potent. Safety First!
5* Paint your shapes.
6* Make sure you cover your entire shape, even the sides, because anything you miss will stick out and be very obvious. Also, make sure you generously coat your shapes and don't over brush, or you will end with a streaky finished product. 
7* Leave to dry over night.

Tah-Dah! We have a very adorable sign! Now throw some sticky tack on the back, attach the sign to what you're selling, and start attracting customers, you stone cold foxes!


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