Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Jamie from With Love, Jamie

Hey, everybody! It's time for you to meet one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met over the internet, Jamie. Jamie runs With Love, Jamie where she posts about her everyday thoughts and inspiration. She also runs This Years Love, an Etsy shop where she sells her cute handmade goods.

Danielle: Tell me a bit about yourself!
Jamie: Hello my name is Jamie, and I blog over at With Love, Jamie. I am a mom to a very energetic little 4 year old and a wife to a hard working, bike riding husband. I adore owls and I love all things handmade. I drink lots of coffee, love the colors black and purple, and couldn't live without good music! Oh and I love getting tattooed & antique shop hunting for matryoshka dolls!

Danielle: Tell me about your blog/Etsy/small business 
Jamie: My blog is a mix of my daily life and my daily inspirations. I blog about the little things in my day that made me smile and I take a lot of pictures! I also like to share any kind of inspiration that comes my way, this blog has been great for me since I am the kind of person who falls in love with so many things and is getting truly inspired on a daily basis! My Etsy shop, This Years Love, is always changing up. Whatever inspiration hits me, I go with it. There is always a mix of jewelry and hand stitched items in there. Right now I am in love with skull jewelry, using buttons and feathers, and hair bows!

Danielle: How long have you been blogging?
Jamie: I have been blogging for a little over two years now. I started it to have a place just to ramble and save my favorite quotes or song lyrics. A place to document my memories. I have loved watching my little blog change and evolve over the years...it's neat to watch yourself grow!

Danielle: What's your favorite hobby/past time? 
Jamie: I have a ton of favorite past times! I love doing arts & crafts projects with my son, spending full days antique hunting with my family, having coffee dates with my best friend while bouncing new creative ideas off of each other. It's all about the sweet little things.

Danielle: What are you listening to lately?
Jamie: to I have been listening to a lot of Eisley lately! I am completely in love with their music! Plus, I kinda have a girl crush on Sherri Dupree Bemis-her style is super adorable! 

Danielle: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Jamie: In 5 years...wow, I really don't even know! Well, I hope to at least be in a new house with my family, something with a big backyard to play, have bbq's and hula hoop in, a house with an extra room so I can have a bigger creative space! I hope to have expanded my little handmade business and ventured into new things...in my dream world, I would have a cute little art gallery/crafty boutique downtown with my best friend :)
\\ Win this adorable, handmade bow by Jamie here //
Visit Jamie's Etsy shop,  This Years Love
Visit Jamie's blog, With Love, Jamie

Thank you so much for being a part of my giveaway, Jamie. I wish you the best on your handmade journey through life  

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  1. Jamie's blog is one of my daily reads so I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Too cute!

  2. Oh boy, I love Eisley, and nesting dolls and this whole post in general. Gorgeous blog you have here :)

  3. Thanks sooo much Danielle for havin' me! :D

  4. jamie is one of my favorite blogger pals. i so wish we lived closer!

  5. Danielle - I'm glad you have you!

    Violet - Thank you! I love nesting dolls too!

    Jamie - Any time :)

    Deanna - She is pretty awesome!

  6. jamie is a dream! i adore her peace dove tattoos. :)


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