Monday, January 2, 2012

So This Is The New Year

In 2011, I

started blogging
started a small business
adopted my first cat
celebrated my first veganniversary
learned to be a barista
became a college student
learned to play the ukulele
sold at numerous craft sales
made awesome new friends
went to the zoo
listened to a lot of great new music
learned a lot about myself and the world around me
went to my first political protest
learned to sew
drank for the very last time
broke up
found a million new favorite movies
swooned. hard.
got a lot of beautiful tattoos
made a lot of yummy vegan food
picked strawberries
jumped off of a cliff
didn't cut my hair!
celebrated by nephew's 1st birthday
crocheted a lot

In 2012 I will

remember to always be positive, even when it's hard
take more photographs
do my homework
be myself, even if that person is a totally shy dorky dorkson
improve my knitting skills
keep my house tidy
learn new songs on the ukulele
hang out with friends more often
eat raw more often because it makes me feel so darn good
cook at home at least twice a day
remember I can do anything I set my mind to
continue to love myself and the things around me
never, ever stop growing

2011, you were wonderful
here's to an even better 2012

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  1. Cooking at home twice a day! Yowza, you are so ambitious! :)


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