About Me

It's nice to meet you! I'm in my early twenties and living in Ontario with a cat named Fox Mulder and a rat named Shark. I go to school for art and design, and work at a vegan cafe as a barista. I write a lot about my day-to-day life, but I also really love taking part in giveaways, and talking about things I find online like awesome handmade goods or wonderful blogs.

School is a big part of my life, but most of my free time is spent drinking tea, crocheting, snuggling on my couch with Fox, watching movies, or browsing thrift stores and trying to make friends with old ladies. I'm shy and introverted but, like most introverts, I'm filled with passion and I love with my whole heart. I also over use the "!" button on my keyboard everyday!
I'm also the proud owner of Little Fawn, where I sell my handmade goods online and at the many craft sales in my area. It's been a learning experience, and it's something that I really hope to be able to do forever.
Thanks for taking a walk into my neck of the woods, I hope you stop by again!


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